My Journey into Dance

I have always wanted to learn how to dance.

I would watch video clips of talented couples swaying onto a brightly lit dance floor, her in a dress shimmering and colourful, and him in a sleek black suit. They would strike a pose and smile, before reaching out to each other. As soon as their hands touched, the magic happened.

That activity, dance, which looked erratic and fun, but otherwise uncoordinated for everyone else that attempted it, became art when they moved. I had come across many talented dancers in my life in clubs and parties, but it took skill to dance well WITH someone else. … More My Journey into Dance


Kuduro Dance

This week I did a lesson in dancing Kuduro, which is a dance from Angola. So today I am sharing this article from Orijin Culture:
If you’ve gone to a club in any of the major metropolitan cities, chances are that you were dancing to the Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” jam. This song hit the pop charts and bill boards at #1 during 2010 and for good reason. … More Kuduro Dance

10 Secrets to Improving Your Dancing When You’re All Alone

Are you a dancer living in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps your scene is so small, you may as well live in the mountains. Welcome to the club.

Here’s a picture of my dance reality:

I live and dance in Boone, NC, Lindy Hop population 1. The existence of our dance scene is tenuous. Once there was a lively group with beginning Lindy Hoppers who were gung-ho about travel, but they’ve left. Except for me. … More 10 Secrets to Improving Your Dancing When You’re All Alone

Lead Dancers: How to Dance Like a Professional

Imagine yourself in that salsa club for the first time: the music is loud, upbeat and with great energy and everyone is dressed in a fashionable way. As you walk in, you approach the dance floor. Here is when you are truly introduced to the world of salsa. You stare at the dancers as you see dancing, executing all these amazing turns; how they dance with passion, the sexiness, and then again, the turns! The never-ending, fun turn!! … More Lead Dancers: How to Dance Like a Professional

Tips on how to be a better dancer

1. Find the right dance instructor
Have you ever had a teacher who made you feel great and brought the best out of you? Persevere in finding such a person and work with them on a regular basis in order to improve. Choose your instructor carefully if you are new to dance classes. A dance teacher not only teaches new steps and techniques, but also corrects mistakes. The more you dance, the more you realise what qualities you prefer in a dance instructor. If you have been taking lessons for a longer period and don’t seem to be improving, enjoying the class, or learning anything new, consider looking around for a different teacher. … More Tips on how to be a better dancer

Fascinating Dance Facts

From the dawn of human civilization, dance remained in close connection to us as a mean of social interaction, expression, nonverbal communication, and an integral part of various religious and ceremony rituals. Since its first appearance in the records of history, some 9 thousand years ago, dance managed to evolve into countless styles that are practiced today. Ancient Egyptians used dance as a means to celebrate their gods, entertain high class of nobility and as a big part of common people celebration during harvest festivals. … More Fascinating Dance Facts

The Origins of Dance

From the earliest moments of known human history, dance accompanied ancient rituals, spiritual gatherings and social events. As a conduit of trance, spiritual force, pleasure, expression, performance and interaction, dance became infused into our nature from the earliest moments of our existence – from the moment when first African tribes covered themselves in war-paint to the to the spreading of music and dance across all four corners of the world. Without a doubt, dancing remains one of the most expressive forms of communications that we know. … More The Origins of Dance

World’s Sexiest Dance Styles

Since the dawn of civilization, people had started celebrating with music. With a heart touching melody, if you just shake off your body a bit, it shifts on to a term called dance, which too has been the favorite of millions across the world. Dance is a roadway towards unspeakable thoughts that simply churns you up and provides you a new opportunity to grab the most joyous moments of your life. … More World’s Sexiest Dance Styles