World’s Sexiest Dance Styles

Since the dawn of civilization, people had started celebrating with music. With a heart touching melody, if you just shake off your body a bit, it shifts on to a term called dance, which too has been the favorite of millions across the world. Dance is a roadway towards unspeakable thoughts that simply churns you up and provides you a new opportunity to grab the most joyous moments of your life. Well, dance has a good number of categories starting from classical, western, salsa, etc. But have you ever danced with a seductive spontaneity, or with your hips closely positioned with your partner? If not, check out some sexiest dance styles of the world and where to enjoy them in all their authenticity:


Enjoy this sensuous dance at Jerez de la Frontera and Seville in Spain. While performing Flamenco, though you have to pass through struggle, pain and a burning desire, it ultimately satisfies your seduction level. The curve-hugging skirts of the women and the toreador machismo of the men is sure to catch your eye for a long time. The violent yearning of the dancers along with their sharp attitude is simply an awesome enactment that will make you crazy within moments. Every year thousands of people gather at the annual festival at de Jerez in Spain.


Want to enjoy some sexy moves by some tempted ladies? Fly on to Buenos Aires to dance on the naughty moves of Tango. In the early years, Tango kicked off with a fine start but was confined to pubs and bars. However, in the later years, it became popular as a mainstream dance. Starting from the Alberdi amphitheater to the warehouses in Barracas, spectators as well as couples from various corners of the globe come in huge numbers to have a blast at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. Throughout the week stunning shows at various hotspots of the city like the Salon Canning, the La Viruta in the Armenian Cultural Center and the El Beso are arranged. About the dance – well! Its quite easy to enjoy but a bit difficult to master.

West African Dance

The whirling bodies and the ripping sweat creates the sexy factor in the West African dance. If you are at Senegal, don’t miss out the Kaay Fecc festival in Dakar where various dance troops throughout Africa are invited. Enjoy the dance where you will find a skin drum along with a group of passionate dancers. Moreover, the National Festival of Arts and Culture calls on ten regions in the central city of Kumasi. Well, if you are keen to learn the West African dance visit the Kaay Fecc’s morning workshops which is held at the Douta Seck House of Culture in Dakar.


If you are loitering around the captivating beaches of Hawaii, the French Polynesia and Oahu you would come across gorgeous bodies doing this sexy dance. The elaborate headdress, the fast and hard beat drumming and the Polynesian tamure is sure to win your heart. You will just love to watch the guys wearing the coconuts and showing off their pa’oti. The scissor dance is quite innovative where the knees jerk back to the drumbeat.

Belly Dance

You must have acquired a craze by watching the Hollywood celebrities shake their bellies. Well, Shakira is of course not the inventor of belly dance but if you are moving towards Egypt and Turkey, you are bound to get awe-struck by the erotic pelvic swivels and jaw-dropping stomach palpitations of the Middle Eastern practitioners. The Raqia Hassan’s Cairo-based school provides lessons on belly dance where you can master them and try at the Gokpinar Music & Dance Center in Turkey.

Taken from Hotel Resort Insider.


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