Learning to Dance

Learning to dance can be quite daunting, especially when you see far more talented or experienced dancers take to the dance floor and dazzle with their stunning moves, flawless rhythm and move with effortless ease.

But, like any skill, dancing is one that can be learned and takes constant practice, dedication and passion. Mistakes will be made, but as time goes on those mistakes become a well known skill. The more one dances, the easier it becomes.

Marisa Wright, an Australian writer and dancer with nearly forty years experience in various dance methods, says this about learning to dance:

“Dancing is natural – ask almost any child to dance, and they will move to the music. So why do so many people find it hard to dance when they reach their teens or adulthood?

There are three things that hold us back, when we try to dance as adults – self-consciousness, learned muscle patterns and rhythm.”


To learn more about what she says about learning to dance, look here.


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