Most Famous Dance Styles

Dance is an art which is known to the world since very long years. Most of the dances are performed on various types of music. Dancing is not only movement body but also it is movement of one’s body.

Whenever a person is listening music and he is happy, he will dance whether he knows to dance or he does not know dance. There are various styles of dances in the world. Some of the dances are very popular in the world. Here is the list of some of the popular dance styles in the world:

Tap Dance

Tap dance is performed on a particular music where there is always a tapping sound. Special shoes are made for tap dance. These shoes have metal plates at the bottom of the shoes. These shoes make a special tap sound on the ground while dancing. In the tap dance there are two variations like Broadway tap and Rhythm tap. Rhythm tap main focus is on jazz and music. Broadway tap focuses mainly on the dance. The Tap Dance is believed to be started in the middle of 1800 century.  Syncopation is frequently used in the tap dance.
There are some of the common tap steps like flap heel, running flaps, flap ball change, flap, hop shuffle, leap shuffle, double shuffle and shuffle ball change. Cappella is another method in Tap dancing, where no separate music is played instead the music is played by the shoes itself.

Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-Hop dance involves various patterns like popping, locking and breaking.  This dance is mostly performed very close to the ground. This dance style was developed by the trained dancers which are actually performed on the streets.  The dance in freestyle is the main feature of the Hip-Hop Dance style. These dances can also be played very professionally and in competitive pattern.
These dances are now performed on various commercial bases. This dance can be seen in pop music videos, R&B and concerts. These Hip-Hop dance styles are famous in some parts of the world and are played in various different events.

Gangnam Style

The Gangnam Style of dance is actually from Korea. This song is connected with the Gangnam District of Seoul. The music video of Gangnam style had come in August 2012 and was very famous in the world. Within a year, the song was so popular that the Gangnam Style of dance was included in large number of songs in various parts of the world.
In the year 2012, it was the most the video on YouTube which received most number of likes from around the world. Within a year a Gangnam style dance was so famous that large number of singer started adding the Gangnam Style dance in their video.


Bhangra dance style is originally originated from India particularly from North India. The Bhangra dance is performed on some specific types of music and is famous in India and some parts of UK.  Bhangra dance was traditionally more played in the Vaisakhi festival. In this season, harvesting of crops is done. The music played on this song has special sound of dhola(drum) which urges even a no dancer to dance a bhangra.
The movement of dance is done with the relaxed muscles and is done very passionately. The people dancing in Bhangra style looks very energetic and seems to dance almost for long hours. This dance is also liked across many parts of the world.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a well-known dance in the world. The Belly Dance is originated from West Asia. This dance is also known as Arabic dance or Middle Eastern dance in the world. This dance involves movements of almost all parts of the body. The most notable part of the body movement is that of the hips. This dance is popular in West Asia, Middle East Asia and also in some parts of the Europe. This Belly Dance is also known as Raqs Baladi.
The more common costume which is wear is that of a harem pants and flowy skirt. A very famous singer and dancer Shakira is very famous for this type of dance. The three common types of movements in this dance are shivers, fluid movements and percussive movements.

Yangko Dance

The Yangko Dance is famous in most of the parts of Asia and some parts of the world. The dance is originally from China and is a cultural song in China. It is observed that the song is older than almost 1000 years.  The movements of dance involve movements of body to specific rhythms. The hip and waist are used to perform with specific music. The people in China dances in the Yangko style more particularly in the spring season.
Around 1949, the new pattern of Yangko Dance was emerged and spread all over China. This dance is more particularly played in various kinds of ceremonies. However, this dance style has also become popular in other parts of the world.


Kathal is well-known dance across the world. The Kathak style of dance is originated from India. This dance is one of the ancient dances in the world. This dance is more closely related to the ritual, temple and worship. These dances have a certain type of meaning to some steps. This dance is however not very easy, one needs to learn this dance from a professional dancer. A person can excel in this dance only if he has his basic steps perfect.
The Kathak dance was earlier not much popular beyond India. However, in the 19th century the dance has taken attention from many people across India. Most curious part of this style of dance is that it also used to tell certain story through the expressions in the dance. This dance is being studied in many parts of the world.


Salsa is very amazing dance to watch. The Salsa dance style originally started in Cuba. However, the term “Salsa” came into existence in New York around 1970s. The Salsa dance mostly requires couple to perform the dance, however the dance can also be performed in single. The dance looks at its best only with partner. This dance is usually performed on the Salsa music. The Salsa dance includes basic steps, nice body rolls, perfect foot patterns, turn and figures.
The dance style is popular in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Australia. There have been lots of variations involved in the Salsa dance style recently. The Salsa dance style is mostly performed in various events, night clubs and restaurants. This dance is more particularly played in the metropolitan cities.

Break Dance

Break Dance is a very famous dance in the world. To perform this dance one needs to practice on the elements of gymnastics and acrobatic. This dance requires lots of balance, skill and technique. The one who performs this dance is also called as b-girl, b-boy or b-breaker. The Break Dance term came in the existence in the 19th century. There are four types of movements done in this dance which are freezes, power moves, downrock and toprock.
This dance is particularly performed on specific music which should contain breakbeats, funk music and hip-hop. Michael Jackson is one of the very famous personalities master in break dance. This dance is popular in the whole Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Canada and most of the other parts of the world.


The Ballet Dance style is very popular style in the world. The Ballet dance is originated in Italy. The meaning of the word “Ballet” is to “to dance”. This dance is complicate to perform, lot of ballet schools are there in the world to teach this dance style. The steps in this dance include acrobatic movements, dancing in smooth flow. The dance requires lot of energy and practice to perform it perfectly. While performing this dance it is very necessary to position the feet correctly.
The dance was later well developed in France and Russia. The dance is further classified in to three types of dance styles as Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet and Romantic Ballet. The Ballet dance style looks very pleasing to watch. The popularity of this dance style has reached in almost all the parts of the world.

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